Get Rid of Rats! – Rodent Catching Tips and Strategies

rat trapRegardless of how cute or adorable a rat may look, they are still quite dangerous. The last thing you will ever want is for such rodents to contaminate your home with droppings or being a major threat to your baby. When threatened by such circumstances, even the most avid of all animal lovers will know that it is time for action. However, you have to be quite careful while getting rid of rats. Solutions like poison may just not cut it especially if you have a children or pets at home. There are better ways to catch and get rid of rats more humanely, they are:

Rat-Proof your Home

If you are concerned about an infestation, it is about time you consider rat-proofing your home. You have to keep in mind that rats stick to certain areas and do not necessarily be a problem throughout your home. This means you should start treating these specific areas with natural deterrents like a strong liquid solution of garlic, cayenne pepper and horseradish. Once the oil is ready, it can be sprayed onto surfaces and will do wonders for you in the long run.

Consider Getting a Cat

Got a rat infestation? Consider getting a cat. It is the perfect excuse to get your very own fuzzy companion that will keep your lap warm and get rid of rats at the same time. Even though it may seem absurd at first, a cat will fit well in your home and will have a perfect source of sustainable meals.

Traditional Spring Traps

There is no school like old school and this is why you really need to consider getting some spring traps for your home. Since rats can go unnoticed for a long time, you will find it difficult to understand how far the infestation has reached. Moreover, the risk of damage and disease is even greater than before. Traditional spring traps are quite efficient (sometimes messy) and can help you trap and get rid of rats in no time.

Baiting Strategies

There is no better way to get rid of rats than with the help of baiting strategies. You will need to use your environment against these critters if you wish to succeed. This means you will need to take each and every step to ensure you bring an end to all rodent activity. You can start by getting rid of places of shelter that may encourage rats to infest your home or you could simply remove water or food sources. This way you will discourage rats from ever entering your home or business for good.

Bag ‘Em and Release ‘Em

If you are unable to bear the thought of killing a rat, you may need to consider investing in live traps. The two door squirrel and rat traps are favored by many as it does not create a mess and has zero-collateral damage.  However, once these critters are trapped, they will need to be released at least a 100 yards away from the point of origin to prevent it from returning.

That being said, you will now find it easier to catch and get rid of rats in no time. On the other hand, it would be wise to take all the necessary precautions to ensure nobody else gets hurt in the process. If you are having difficulties getting rid of a rat infestation, consider hiring a rat removal service instead.

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