Huge Rat Confronts Scared Six Year Old Boy.

Decades Later PestNoMore® is Born.

scaredIn 1981 Mark Willis was a 6 year old growing up in the Knowsley countryside in the United Kingdom.  As a young boy adventuring and playing around an old horse stables he saw something moving along the wall. Maybe a cat? Maybe a small dog? Suddenly he freezes as his eyes make contact with a huge rat staring right at him. Frozen with fear and unable to move the Rat just stood there , not moving just intensely staring. Mark says,

“I still remember it to this day. The big long scaly tail, pink coloured and thick – I just can’t get that nasty image out of my head.”

tails After a short time (what felt like hours to this young scared boy) he just couldn’t take it anymore. He turned his back and ran away from the staring rat.

“To be honest, I was scared to go to the back of those horse stables for years after that. From that day onward, I never liked rats. They make my skin crawl. And give me flashbacks of that day as a kid.”

Mark went through life from there lucky enough to see many rats since that day as a young kid. Then decades later his mother told him that she had uninvited rats running around in her attic. In an effort to get rid of the rats she had purchased several rodent control products.

“I was surprised by how decades since my close up rat confrontation, that rats are still a problem in today’s modern age. Whilst travelling in India I helped a friend who lives there with rat prevention of his apartment but, the whole India rats experience is a story for another day.”

Being frustrated by the ineffectiveness of some rodent control solutions on offer and concerned about how inhumane some methods of rodent control were. Shocked at the fact that in this day and age we are even having to deal with Rat problems and that the products on offer don’t all do the job effectively. Then was born…

SingleLineLogoslim  -Evolved Rodent Control-

Offering The Easiest Next Generation Rodent Control Products to fix an age old problem- Rats, Mice, Rodents. In some parts of the world the problem is often out of control and our local governments don’t seem to be capable of handling it. We must take care of it ourselves. Rodent Control can be done many different ways- some more effective than others, some more humane than others and some with different levels of danger. Introducing our flagship product.: The RodentZapper by PestNoMore- Humane ,Clean, Safe and Highly Effective. Learn more about this Electronic Rat Zapper

The Rats are taking over!

pile of ratsRats are out of control- Rats have long been considered deadly pests. Rats have long been held up as the chief villain in the spread of the Bubonic Plague,The Center for Disease Control does list nearly a dozen diseases directly linked to rats. Most urban areas battle rat infestations. Rats in New York City are famous for their size and prevalence. The urban legend that the rat population in Manhattan equals that of its human population (a myth definitively refuted by Robert Sullivan in his book “Rats”). The ship or wharf rat has contributed to the extinction of many species of wildlife including birds, small mammals, reptiles, invertebrates, and plants, especially on islands. True rats are omnivorous and capable of eating a wide range of plant and animal foods. True rats have a very high birth rate. When introduced to a new area, they quickly reproduce to take advantage of the new food supply.

Making it a Triple Win!

KIVAAs PestNoMore is now becoming responciable for killing thousands of rats and mice around the world we are proud to have made this result also create a positive impact in other fantastic ways.From our very first product we sold:  3% of our profits go to supporting  micro loans to entrepreneurs in lesser developed countries around the world. this is what we call Impact investing.  Beyond charity, rethinking how we give.

“I’d been a big supporter of Kiva for years- When I learned of connecting it with PestNoMore I was, and still am, so excited.”

For every product we sell, for every rodent killed, for every person released of the stress of having a rodent problem –  we are also helping our Impact Investing as well as actively spreading the word about Kiva. Talking if Kiva… Especially if yu have never heard of Kiva- Learn More by Clicking Here.  

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